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Business French Training

Business French Training
Learn French in a renowned French language school for adults!
Gain a competitive edge in French-speaking markets, enhance your business and travel experience in French-speaking countries, improve communication with clients and colleagues, and foster team-building within your company by signing up for Official Languages School’s corporate classes.

Classes are tailored to meet your organization’s time frame, goals and logistical needs!
Official Languages School can create custom classes tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business. We work with you to develop the best language learning experience for your team.
French will help you to get into the good companies which has international culture and this adds value to your profile.

Ever fancied learning French but never got time?
Find the day class or evening class too far to go?
Failed to get a promotion just because you don’t know French?

Well, we might have a solution for you — French@Lunch equips you with fluent French during lunch hour. We bring teacher to your workplace, and you just bring your lunch!

French@Lunch is by far our most popular corporate program. Our professor will come to your company during lunch hour so as to save your travel. We will emphasize on speaking and listening to improve your French communication skills during class; after class, we will email you handouts with suggested activities to reinforce the knowledge learned.

All employees are welcomed to attend our class on a two-month basis. We offer classes with different levels of French to accommodate the needs of different employees. The class consists of minimum 4 people, however, the more participants there are, the cheaper the price will be.

Join our short but exciting French@Lunch program now! Build competitiveness in French-speaking markets, improve communication skills with clients and colleagues, and foster team spirit within your company! No travel, no extra time, and you’ll be an expert in French!
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