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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide second language training courses for the government of Canada bilingualism program to Government employees preparing for their Second Language Evaluation tests, to anyone who intends to get his first job in the public service, or learn a second language for any other purpose.

Yes, Official Languages School is a Registered Supplier to the government of Canada on the Ministry of Public Works and Government Services innovative procurement tool Professional Services Online.

Federal Government employees and the general public.

Our teachers all speak in their mother tongue. This enables our French language courses to be of a superior quality. Please visit our Why Us? Page.

Other than complete beginners, it is necessary to evaluate all new or returning students in order to place them in the correct level. Evaluations are free, short (15 to 30 minutes), painless and without obligation.
Complete beginners who never had French before may sign up for the French for complete beginner course without an evaluation.
You are welcome to drop in Monday to Friday, 9 to 6 or saturday 9 to 12, but we recommend you email us to make an appointment so you won’t have to wait.
Please note that pre-registration (even last minute) is highly recommended as classes may be full or cancelled.
Please send us an email at info@ecoledeslanguesofficielles.ca

No, not at all. Official Languages School has always favored a flexible language learning environment according to the schedule of the learner in order to optimize the results. It is up to you to decide time and frequency from Monday to Saturday between 9.00am and 7.30pm.

Do you work full time? Consider night classes after work!

Private tuition is the fastest and most effective way to learn a language. Private tuition can be tailored to your exact needs whether you are learning for pleasure, business or government proficiency tests. You can learn on the days, times and location you choose and the lesson duration can be specific to your needs.

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  • Please feel free to come and visit us. Our office is located at Fairmont Château Laurier (7th Floor), 1 rideau Street in Ottawa.
  • Send us an email (or use our Contact Form) with your intention with respect to language training:

Private training

1)         Full time or Part-time?
Full-time: 9:00-16:00 (7 hours/day, 5 days/week)

Your schedule:

2)         Start Date:
3)         End Date:
4)         Training location is flexible- our school or your workplace.

Group Class (Evening 17h30 -19h30 and / Saturday 9h00 -12h00)

_Monday:            5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
_Tuesday:           5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
_ Wednesday:   5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
_ Thursday:        5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
_ Friday:               5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
_ Saturday:        9:00AM – 12:00PM


As a Registered Supplier to the Government of Canada, Official Languages School fulfills the Government of Canada Procurement Process mandatory requirement.

As indicated on the website of the Receiver General for Canada, the Government of Canada will change the payment by cheque to direct deposit. Official Languages School have  sign up for direct deposit with many ministries.

All our teachers are native speakers or have native-speaker fluency in the language they teach. They are all highly motivated and are trained in a variety of techniques and approaches. They have specialist qualifications and experience in Teaching a Foreign Language to Adults. Visit Why Us and About page.

Yes, certainly! Once we evaluate your second language level and analyze your needs, we draw up a personalized training program based on your learning needs, personal goals and career objectives.

Our teachers are trained to maximise your exposure to the target language during your lessons. They will predominantly use the target language and encourage you to do so. The teacher should be able to clarify meaning through teaching aids like pictures and mime. If you still have trouble understanding something then your teacher will help however they can.

We like to keep class sizes small, to encourage comfort and participation. The maximum number of students per group ranges between 4 and 6 participants.

No, not at all. Official Languages School offers distance education by videoconference, over the phone, webcam, depending on resources available to the language learner.

Our fees vary from 20-50$ per hour. Official Languages School program pricing will vary based on invoicing:

  • Invoice on a monthly basis (ie. at the end of each month)
    -Government client
    -duration of the contract
  • Invoice at the beginning of each month
    -Individual client
    -duration of the contract

Call us and feel free to come and visit our office for a quote based on your specific needs.

  • The Best Value – Tuition prices are kept low without sacrificing the highest quality education, a dedicated faculty and a beautiful facility.
  • The Best Teachers – We carefully select our faculty. Our teachers care about their students and create a dynamic, supportive environment that is conducive to learning.
  • The Best Location – We are located in the heart of Ottawa, at the Fairmont Château Laurier, 1 Rideau Street, within walking distance to the Parliement, superb dining and shopping.
  • The Best Experience – Experienced, caring teachers, attentive staff, and a new facility are just a few things that make Official Languages School the best experience.
  • Please feel free to drop by for a free cup of coffee with a French touch. Our office is located at Fairmont Château Laurier (7th Floor), 1 rideau Street in Ottawa.
  • Please visit our Contact Us page. We will be happy to help you with any enquiry!