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Financial Conditions

  1. The tuition fees: Students are required to pay the entire cost of training. Payment must be received no less than five (5) business days before the beginning of the classes. Payments can be made: by check; by money transfer; by credit card.
  2. Books and exercise books are not included in tuition fees. However, an electronic version is at your disposal for free

Registration instructions

  1. Read the General Conditions of Registration and their annexes, and accept by dating and signing the registration form.
  2. Pay the full tuition. Payments can be made: by check; by money transfer; by credit card.
  3. The client must come at the reception desk at Official Languages School on the first day of the classes and provide the following document: the receipt for payment of the full tuition or the registration certificate.

Registration that has been completed can be cancelled within a 7-day limit from the date of acceptance of the general conditions of registration. If the 7-day term ends on a Saturday, Sunday or a public or school holiday, the term may be extended to the next business day. Any student wanting to exercise their right to a retraction, must notify, within the legal delay as indicated above, by email, to the following address: info@ecoledeslanguesofficielles.ca.


Deferral and Cancellation Policy

  1. Before the beginning of the course: Students have the right to postpone their course within a period of 1 month. Only one postponement can be made and a written request must be received by the school at least 5 business days before the starting date of the course.
  2. After the beginning of the course: Once the courses have begun no deferment or reimbursement can be made for any reason whatsoever.

However, in the case of serious illness and/or incapacity justified by a medical certificate, preventing the student from participating in a course for over 4 consecutive weeks, the student can ask to be refunded for the missed tuition or to postpone the course within a limit of 1 month after the date of interruption of the course.

  1. Successful completion of required exam(s): Official Languages School maintains the right to terminate contract upon a successful completion of required exam(s). Training hours not used are not refunded.
  2. Refund: In the case of refund of a course, only the students who were present and who signed the attendance sheet at the courses’ office will be refunded in proportion to the number of hours.
  3. Specific conditions for the private courses: Postponing a class can be authorized if the dates of the classes postponed occur between the beginning and ending dates of the contract and if the deferment request is made no later than 48 hours (week-end excluded) before the scheduled time of the class. Otherwise no deferment or reimbursement will be able to be granted.

Postponing of the date of the training ending will not be accepted.

For groups (mini groups 2-5 persons and groups 6 to 15 persons), cancellation/postponement of a class during a session is valid only for the whole group and not individually. In case of non-attendance of a single person to one or more courses, no deferral or individual refund can be accepted for any reason.

Official Languages School has the right to cancel a registration in a private course in case of unavailability of a professor up to 2 weeks after the registration. In this case the full corresponding tuition fees will be refunded to the client.

Official Languages School reserves the right to replace instructors if the need arises. The absence, or replacement, of instructors, for any reason, does not constitute grounds for a termination of contract.