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Our Philosophy

The Public Service of Canada has designated some positions as bilingual so that the Canadian population can be served in their official language of choice. Many schools take advantage of this need by charging exorbitant fees for mediocre instruction.

No matter what your goals are, looking to obtain, maintain or renew your French language requirements, preparing for an upcoming trip abroad or if you just want to get acquainted with a new language, our philosophy is to deliver high quality courses at a fast pace and at an affordable price.

Because learning is a collaboration between the trainer and the learner, and between individual learners, at Official Languages School we believe that the steps to successfully learning a new foreign language start with an environment in which language learners love to learn and teachers love to teach.

We also know that the steps to successfully learning a new foreign language are much the same for every learner, while no single training method suits everyone’s preferred learning style: some learners excel in oral communications, for other learners written communication comes more naturally.

With that in mind, we at Official Languages School have the freedom to respond to each learner’s needs, goals and learning patterns so that, while following a logical progression, each class goes at a pace that works for you, the language learners.

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