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Preparation for the Oral Proficiency Test

Preparation for the Oral Proficiency Test: Level B or C

The Preparation for the Oral Proficiency Test will include the necessary grammar, vocabulary and syntax structure that will allow you to systematically support your opinions on a given issue or solution in French with enough details as required by the Public Service Commission evaluation standards:

  • Syntax: A syntax error is generally related to an inability to place a word in the right sequence in each sentence structure.
  • Vocabulary: Vocabulary challenges include misspelling of words, confusion of terms and concepts as well as use of Anglicism and words taken as is from the reference language. Based on the Public Service Commission evaluation standards, some words generally accepted in everyday conversation may prove inconsistent within the context of work-related discussions.
  • Grammar: Grammar errors include wrong verb conjugations, gender, adverbs, pronouns, etc. They usually constitute a reliable compass in assessing a candidate’s linguistic profile in accordance with the Second Language Evaluation Program by the Public Service Commission.

Your training curriculum will, therefore, include all areas required in achieving the designated objective. The following constitute the specific learning objectives of this area:

• Thorough knowledge of the functional content of a professional discourse.
• Thorough understanding of the PSC performance criteria.
• Good understanding of the linguistic functions usually evaluated during an oral exam.

The training content will seek to increase the student’s understanding of all issues related to the Federal government and the public service. The student will be submitted to elaborate interviews on work-related topics as well as news review, etc.

In order to allow us to prepare a quote, kindly provide us with your budget and/or the following information:
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