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The Reading Comprehension proficiency test assesses a person’s ability to understand the written word in a second official language. It takes 80 minutes to complete. The exam is composed of 60 multiple-choice questions that are based upon readings of various written documents. These include emails, notes, letters, information bulletins, excerpts from reports, and research papers.

While all 60 questions are based upon the same accompanying texts, they do differ significantly. Most importantly, the test is structured in a way that the questions gradually become more difficult as the numbers increase. This means that it would be ideal to answer as many of the easier questions first, before proceeding to those that are more challenging, to maximize the final score within the total allotted time.

Training will be carried out, using the Public Service Commission exercise books in order to identify any reading comprehension aspects that require further consolidation, therefore helping the student to develop specific communication competencies.

The training curriculum will, therefore, include all areas required in achieving the designated objective:

Concepts will be reviewed within specific and concrete contexts to encourage practical use of French. The following constitute the specific Learning Objectives of this area:

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Preparation for the Written Expression Test
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